Monetize Your Purpose In 3

Are you making this one mistake that is costing you time, energy and money? 

Get Others Invest In Your Experience And Expertise

In Just 3 Easy Steps

Using the most effective lessons learned from over 25-years of professional experience in the music, film and education industries, my proprietary and proven systems have empowered many people to create their life by design. You will be equipped with actionable tips, tools and resources that will propel you to clarify your purpose, attract the people that you are destined to serve, and empower you to use your life experiences and professional expertise.


I use a holistic approach that empowers you to achieve your goals. Starting with activating your creative mindset, I will take you on a journey to self-discovery that will lead you to disrupt, discover and live out your purpose.


Monetize Your Purpose In 3 

Proven Proprietary

Membership Process

An Interactive Mentorship

Those enrolled in the Monetize Your Purpose In 3 mentorship membership will have access to the following:

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions for 9 weeks
  • Dr. Mallet’s Proven System that will propel you to create your life by design and monetize your experience and expertise 
  • Actionable Creative Problem-Solving tools that will empower you to solve problems for yourself and others
  • Bonus Videos
  • A copy of Dr. Monica’s Book “Leading Yourself and Others One Step at a Time"
  • Secrets  on how Dr. Monica empowered a 12-year-old to create 8+ streams of income using social media
  • Weekly assignments
  • Hotseat Coaching
  • ***Surprise Bonus Gifts***
  • Step 1- CLARIFY

    BENEFIT 1 Clarify your message to market match and shift your mindset to better understand what motivates you and gives you the most energy to implement your ideas. 

  • Step 2- ATTRACT

    BENEFIT 2 Attract your perfect avatar and or team by modeling excellence, connecting with your purpose and confidently spreading your message with others.

  • Step 3- PROFIT

    BENEFIT 3  You will confidently use your experience and expertise to serve those who will in invest in you both on or off-line. 


"Dr. Monica Mallet will show you how to look within yourself to connect with your purpose and to teach it to someone else and to connect with other people".  


Sukhdev S. 

Master Closer

"I was able to take Dr. Monica Mallet's advice using the Mallet Method and I killed it in my meeting today. I would give myself an A++ after spending time with Dr. Monica Mallet, getting me ready for one of the biggest meetings of my life. Thank you Dr. Mallet, you are amazing, your methods are amazing, your systems are even more amazing, they work, they're easy and anyone can do it". 

Stef M.

Serial Entrepreneur 

The course to help you create your life by design!

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Module 1

Change your mindset, change your life! This is not your typical mindset change. This shift will empower you to use your creativity to solve problems and create your life by design. 

  • Discover your creativity preference 
  • ​Have more energy
  • Increased Creativity 

Module 2

Define your "why". Learn how to leverage your mindset preference.

  • ​PBS
  • Increased physical performance
  • Mindset retool and beyond  

Module 3

Collect, collect, collect! This week is all about you and your story. Everyone has a story but why do I want to listen to your story?

  • Learn story telling secrets that helped a 12 year old produce over five streams of income
  • Gain Clarity 

Module 4

Deep dive into the meaning of your unique stories. 

  • Continue to clarify 
  • Six Word Story
  • Improve your communication


Module 5

Creative Problem Solving is the name of the game. This week we will dedicate our time to learning strategies that will empower all to solve problems in a creative and innovative way. 

  • Tools to help you clarify more efficiently 
  • Know how to implement a solution in an effective way


Module 6

Learn the steps to take to connect with the people that you are destined to serve. 

  • The ABC's of Connection  
  • Develop a deeper connection with others

Module 7

Commit to a sustainable change. 

  • Creating the Big U
  • Creating V
  • Winning at All Costs


Module 8

Communicating that you care and will hold others accountable in one way to ensure success. This week we will do a deep dive into maintaining accountability and do a deep dive into implementation strategies. 

  • Become ALERT
  • Systems for success

Module 9

Investing in others who invest in you will yield you great results. Whether on or off-line, providing service to those who invest in you is the number one way to leverage those relationships.  

  • ​Learn multiple on and off-line revenue strategies 

20+ hrs

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Training Modules


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Implement all moves within the membership portal and Dr. Monica is confident that others will invest in you for your experience and expertise. If you do not make your initial investment back within one year, simply show proof of implementation of all of the steps and Dr. Monica will refund all of your money and gift you $200. She has never failed.

Meet The Trainer

Dr. Monica Mallet

Dr. Monica Mallet is an author and visionary leader who has transformed the lives of many people. Using her proprietary and proven systems, she has turned multiple traumatic experiences into the perfect prescription for life success.

She is an award winning, international speaker and professional in film, education and business. She has an earned doctorate from Pepperdine University in Organizational Leadership. She is on a mission to empower others to leverage their valuable life experiences and expertise, so that everyone can get paid to do what they love.

  • Highly developed leader with reputation for building trusting relationships.

  • Committed to inspiring and developing others in creative and innovative ways.

  • Award-winning entertainment professional, educator, training consultant, creative leadership expert, teacher mentor and organizational leader.


Benefit 1

Benefit 2

Benefit 3

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get access to the course once I place my order?

How long will I get access to the course for?

You will get access to the course for life and benefit from all future changes or improvements to the course!

Is it interactive and can I ask questions to the trainer?

Do I have to use a desktop computer to watch the training? 

You can use any of your devices such as a laptop, computer, iPad, tablet or even smartphone.

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